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Our company is committed to the protection of the Amazonian forest.
At this time, deforestation and clearing fires are responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our actions support the protection of the Santa Maria forest, which aims to conserve the existing wooded areas in the region of Colniza (MT), Brazil. This project contributes to reducing deforestation in the Amazonian biome and reducing the risk of forest fires over an area of more than 71,000 ha. The project activities benefit both the Amazon ecosystem and the local population.


Michelange, commits along with 100,000 entrepreneurs

100 000 entrepreneurs is an association of general interest founded in 2007 by Philippe Hayat and Club Horizons, which purpose is to convey the culture and desire to be entrepreneurs to the young people of 13 to 25 years in France by means of testimonies of entrepreneurs.

Business leaders, community leaders, or project leaders within a group go to schools and work in an individual manner in a classroom or collectively through entrepreneurs’ forums.

The association is aimed at all young people attending school from middle school (from the “Quatrième” or 8th Grade), high school (“Seconde”, “Première” and “Terminale” or 10th to 12th Grade, general, technical and vocational courses), apprenticeship centers, to establishments of higher education (from “Bac” to “Bac”+5, BTS, IUT, University, Grande Ecole) but also works with dropouts.

Young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods are a priority target (almost 35% of interventions).


The action of 100,000 entrepreneurs concerns all schools.

The association 100 000 entrepreneurs works in close collaboration with teachers, head teachers and the National Education. Several partnership agreements have been signed with the Academies in which the association intervenes.




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